Grégory CHAREYRE, masonry, carpentry.

Gregory presents are Arti-bati company located in Saint Basile.

Masonry company certified RGE

Masonry company certified RGE

We specialize in the work of general masonry and carpentry, labeled RGE Company, which will get you in the case of a loan with zero insulation and a tax credit rate and CEE premium for renovation energy of your home.

Our masons involved for all masonry renovation and new for old houses and villas.

We specialize in renovating old buildings, large renovation work at the small, indoors and outdoors. We handle masonry facades of stone seals, and wall coverings. We apply lime plaster, hemp, projected floated, scratched … We are also able to make extensions and elevations of buildings. As for new construction, we prennons care of all your fat toppings such as masonry, slabs, foundations, bearing walls, walls, framing, roofing and insulation.

For your outdoor area, you can also call us because we realize your walls, your decks, your joints and your stone pools.

The company Arti’Bati chose to invest in a hardware priopriété to optimize the organization of the sites.

Our staff is qualified and shows great professionalism. For all your masonry projects and property renovation, contact us, we will develop a free quote for your work.

The company Arti’Bati, Saint Basil, is composed of masonry professionals working in the compliance, deadlines, requirements and commitments.